Recent Praise for Adventure Flying Services

"When I first started looking into flight training I didn't think I'd ever find the right instructor. I wanted to learn in a light sport taildragger, in the mountains, from someone incredibly experienced, and my flight training had to be completed within a month. Learning from a typical "building time to get to the airlines" instructor was not an option for me. I wanted to learn from someone with skills and experience in bush flying and off-airport operations and Fred fit that role perfectly. Thanks to Fred I achieved my dream of learning to fly. We spent each day of my accelerated, four-week training course flying over mountains into high desert airports like Sierraville and Chester (think Lake Almanor and Lassen Peak). On my third day of my training we flew out to Dead Cow, home of the famous High Sierra Fly In, where I did my first approach and landing attempts on a huge, flat expanse of dry lakebed. Even flight maneuvers were fun, turning doughnuts over the crop circles in the Sierra and Palomino valleys. Learning to fly in a month was one of the most challenging, fun and rewarding experiences I've ever had and I couldn't have done it without Fred's instruction. In addition to his training style being friendly and informative, he also provided the motivational push that I needed to learn all of the techniques in a short period of time. My only disappointment was having to come back to the Bay Area after the four weeks. I can't wait to fly with Fred again." ~ Damien, Australian Citizen living in California

"I want to thank you again for 4 wonderful days in the Idaho back country. No only are you a very experienced and dedicated teacher, but one of the nicest persons I ever flew with. I loved the wilderness flying in a little perfectly maintained Kitfox plane with tons of power even for short strips. The  great instructions on how to master the very sensitive rudders and keeping the ball centered will stick with me through my flying life. Deadwood Dam air strip is still rumbling through my mind and will keep doing so for quite some time. Thx again for a great job and some gorgeous days." ~ Jan from Florida

"I had the opportunity to fly with Fred in his Kitfox during Woman Wise AWEsome Adventures in Cascade. I hoped to gain back country experience, which Fred did a great job of introducing to me. After a thorough preflight, we spent time getting myself acquainted with the feel of the plane. The airstrips we flew to each posed different challenges that Fred patiently guided me through. For only having two flights with him, I think the amount of information and experience was phenomenal and very enjoyable! It made great memories that have increased my confidence and my desire to fly even more. Happy flying!" ~ Hannah from Idaho

"Had a great time flying with Fred in the back country. We flew for two days and landed at several strips. He is an excellent instructor and taught me the necessary knowledge to navigate and land back strips. This was my first trip to Idaho but had some experience with off airport landings so I was hesitant to get instruction. All's I can say is GET instruction!!! The knowledge and experience you obtain will keep you alive. Thanks again Fred." ~ Steve from California

“Fred Williams is an excellent instructor with a fantastic airplane that he uses in a beautiful flying environment to teach back country flying.  He was eager to share his love of flying with me and used my flying background to determine where to start my training.  His costs for instruction are very reasonable and his desire to accommodate is ever present.  Thanks, Fred.” ~ Thomas from California

"I would like to write this review about one of the best flight training experiences that I have ever had.  I'm a 30 year career seaplane pilot with experience on many aircraft types.  Piston and turbine.

I have, however, never flown a tailwheel aircraft.  I feel that no aviation career is complete without some real stick and rudder flying in this classic landing gear configuration.  I recently bought a Murphy Rebel and know that the Kitfox training will translate well.

The immaculate new Kitfox that Fred Williams operates is probably the best aircraft out there.  The Idaho scenery and Fred's relaxed but impeccable instructing techniques are also impossible to beat.  I cannot say enough good things about the tailwheel flying with Fred.  It's a lot of fun and I cannot recommend this experience highly enough in words. 

Check it out for yourself!  The wheel landings are too much fun.  We had inclement weather which limited our back country experience but I will definitely be back for more.
Thank you for an amazing experience!" ~ Capt. Steve Lane,  from British Columbia working in Sri Lanka

"Fred clearly loves to teach pilots to fly in the backcountry – he allows you to fly into very challenging airfields at the limits of your ability, in a safe, relaxed and rewarding way. Be prepared for adrenaline! Landing on an upslope curved runway and taking off downslope (in the curve) at 85U/Solider Bar is the most thrilling experience I’ve had in my flying career. Trust me, you will see me in the backcountry again!" ~ Niclas from Sweden/California

"Thank you Fred for making our trip a great adventure for both of us. Looking forward to John doing more flying." ~ John and Colleen from New Mexico

"Fred, We had a wonderful experience flying with you in Idaho. You exceeded my expectations in every way. You are a great instructor and I am sure I am a better pilot after flying with you. Getting to fly a Kitfox was on my list for 30 years. Your plane is immaculate. Flying to the back country airports was a huge bucket list item. Thanks so much for providing the best flying experience I have ever had. " ~ Stuart from Nevada

“Fred, I really enjoyed flying with you in the Idaho backcountry. You know your stuff- stick and rudder, mountains, weather, and how to set up a learning environment. You are the real deal; keep up the good work!  Best Regards,  Sam” ~ from California

"Fred is awesome! He listened, asked questions, and came up with great plan for the one day of flying I had with him. My first time in a tail dragger and I came out feeling much better about my flying capabilities with exercises to practice when I get home.
Thank you Fred!”  ~ Shelley from Missouri

"Fred, I want you to know that the 3 days of flight with you rate right up there with my first flight ever in a Great Lakes (with a 2 time national aerobatic champion doing aerobatics including hammerhead stalls), my first solo as a student pilot, the first flight of the first aircraft that I owned (that I rebuilt from a wreck over 5 years) and the first flight of the aircraft that I built over a 20 year period. I learned that I have developed some bad habits over 35 years of flying but that you taught an "old dog new tricks". I'll never forget Yanking and Banking over the river and the landings and takeoffs on a narrow 30 degree upslope strip. Again, thanks for everything . . .    Sincerely, Joe” ~ from Delaware

"Thank you so much Fred for the amazing backcountry training experience.  Your plane was in perfect shape and a lot of fun to fly.  Your backcountry knowledge and ability to communicate to me in a concise yet complete manner was exactly what I was hoping to get out of training.  Having the ability to get out and take a moment to soak in the beauty of the backcountry strips and rivers/creeks was icing on the cake.  You exceeded all my expectations!   Thank you for providing me a 5-star flight training experience that was memorable and beyond FUN!!!" ~ Lori from Georgia