The Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award and a Time to Reflect

I was recently presented with the FAA's Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award. It reads "In recognition of your 50 years of exemplary aviation flight experience, distinguished professionalism, and steadfast commitment to aviation safety." That's a lot to live up to.

My nominators included Amy Hoover and Dick Williams. Both of whom are well known as outstanding pilots, authors and aviation educators focused on mountain, canyon and backcountry flying. Rich Stowell, my third nominator, is regarded by many as the leading expert on aircraft control and emergency maneuver training. Few have done more to further aviation safety. Receiving some measure of their respect is the biggest honor of all.

Like many, I've been lucky and learned from mistakes. I simply do my best to improve, share what I know, while trying to set a good example. As they say, a good pilot is always learning.

Receiving the award has given me an opportunity to reflect and feel thankful for my fifty plus years of flying. I thank my family, friends, mentors and clients who've given me so much along the way.

Fred Williams
Adventure Flying Services LLC