The Flight Training Adventure of a Lifetime.

Expert, One-on-One Instruction

The rewards of backcountry flying are immense. Imagine flying over river canyons, mountains and deserts, then landing to hike, camp, or take in the view.  Like other highly-regarded programs, our comprehensive training is syllabus based. Yet, unlike group seminars, our training is individually tailored for the skills, experience, and adventure you seek. Our location on the edge of the Idaho backcountry stretches every training dollar. Our close proximity to Boise's international airport makes travel easy. We are committed to making your training adventure a rewarding experience

See what others have to say: "Hey Fred I made it home last night around 5:00. I was thinking while I was putting the airplane in the hangar that even tho I have had the airplane for 11 years I don’t think I have ever felt so comfortable in it. I also know that after each day that passes that feeling will begin to fade! I just can’t stop thinking about the last few days. What a game changer that it has been. Thank you for all the knowledge that you shared with such enthusiasm but more importantly thank you for keeping us safe!!" ~ Dan from Arizona, Cessna 180J, September 2022

Idaho Training Options

Whether in our aircraft or yours, our backcountry instruction services are in high demand and must be reserved well in advance. Choose from the two options found below. Comprehensive Backcountry Instruction is recommended for those with specific training expectations and goals. This is by far our most versatile and popular program. Choose our Backcountry Discovery option for a unrivaled introductory training adventure.

The Ultimate Training Venue

Considered by most to be the Mecca of backcountry flying, our base in Cascade, Idaho offers the quickest possible access to Idaho's legendary backcountry airstrips. The environment here includes big, rugged  mountains and deep river valleys. Dozen's of airstrips are available that provide everything from beautiful manicured grass to confined, no-go-around approaches demanding expert stick and rudder skills. See our Idaho Map for more.

An Ideal Backcountry Trainer

Would you like to train in our aircraft? Our turbo-charged Kitfox SLSA aircraft is a perfect backcountry training platform. Sitting side-by-side, you share the same sight picture as your instructor. Skills and confidence develop more quickly as landmarks and instructions are easily shared. Bubble glass doors provide unrestricted vision and a Garmin EFIS keeps you situationally aware. It's super fun to fly and well suited for our mission.

Comprehensive Backcountry Instruction: Multi-Day

Custom-tailored, single or multi-day training programs are designed for clients looking to gain the confidence and skills necessary to make their future backcountry adventures safe and enjoyable. This is the best option for those wanting to focus on specific topics or airstrip environments. Together, with instructor Fred Williams, clients create a training plan and then proceed with ground and flight training over the reserved days. Clients typically book three to five days and sometimes request itineraries that include stays and meals at one of more backcountry lodges. Flight Reviews can be included in your training. A training day is typically five to six hours in duration, with three to five of those hours in flight.

  • Our 2024 Idaho training season includes dates in May, June and July.
  • Instruction Cost: Two Days $1600, Three Days $2200, Four Days $2900, Additional Days $700 each. In your aircraft or ours.
  • Kitfox Rental Cost: $190 per hour. A fuel surcharge of $5 per hour will be added for every $1 that fuel costs equal or exceed $7.00 per gallon. For example, if fuel costs are between $7.00 and $8.00 per gallon, a $5 per hour fuel surcharge would be added.
  • Clients are responsible for all lodging costs when training includes overnight stays at backcountry lodges.
  • Although Idaho instruction is normally booked by the day, instruction in our aircraft or yours is sometimes available by the hour. Contact us with your specific needs for rate information.

Backcountry Discovery: A Fixed Rate Backcountry Training Option

This is a good option for pilots of any level wanting a good introduction to flying in the mountains and canyons of the Idaho backcountry. This all inclusive option includes ground instruction, flight instruction and Kitfox aircraft rental to and from many of Idaho's backcountry strips. This package allows time to stretch your legs, enjoy the mountain air and snack. It's an experience you'll never forget. Approximate hours: 5 total, 3 in flight.

  • Total Cost Instruction & Rental: $1500

Space is Limited and Reservations Required. Contact Us Today!

Our backcountry training is in high demand and requires an early commitment. This will be especially true during our shorter than normal season in 2024. Therefore we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible.

We adhere to and support the Code of Conduct outlined by the Recreational Aviation Foundation. We fervently hope to make you an advocate as well and will donate 1% of the proceeds from any backcountry training you book to the RAF.