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A Stick and Rudder Approach to Reducing Loss of Control

Award-winning Master Flight Instructor Rich Stowell recently released “Learn to Turn,” a free program that takes a stick and rudder approach to help reduce the frequency of loss of control accidents. The program is anchored by a free 98-page digital booklet.

According to Stowell, “Through no fault of their own, light airplane pilots generally have been misinformed and undertrained regarding turn dynamics. As a result too many continue to lose control of their airplanes.” We couldn’t agree more!

Adventure Flying Services is happy to be acknowledged for sharing our thoughts during the development of the ‘Learn to Turn’ program. The importance of turning skills during low-level, mountain, canyon and backcountry operations, or any other flights, cannot be overstated. We’re implementing training exercises and content from the ‘Learn to Turn’ program in an effort to provide the best flight training possible.

We thank Rich for the incredible job he’s done in producing this important and comprehensive program.

Click here to get your free 'Learn to Turn' eBooklet

Click here to watch Rich Stowell present 'Learn to Turn'