Train in a Land of Incredibly Diverse Beauty.

STOL Drag at the High Sierra Fly-In
STOL Drag at the High Sierra Fly-In

Our Reno/Lake Tahoe operation is based at the Reno-Stead Airport (KRTS). The Reno Air Races have been held here each year since 1964. During October, the High Sierra Fly-In attracts the largest gathering of backcountry pilots in the world. The diverse beauty of northwest Nevada, Lake Tahoe, and the Sierra crest provide a stunning backdrop. Fun airports and landing spots abound. All in all, it's a great venue for all types of flight instruction.

The Reno-Tahoe International Airport makes travel here easy. Clients from out of the area find an abundance of hotels and good restaurants in both downtown Reno and the mountain resorts nearby. All-in-all, it's a great place for a flight training vacation! Explore our Resources page for travel information.

NOTE - This website and map are not intended to replace official sources, navigational information or charts required for safe and legal flight.
Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe
Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe
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Alpine County (M45)

Elevation: 5772 ft   Length: 4400 ft

Black Rock City (88NV) - Home of Burning Man

Elevation: 3912 ft   Length: 7000 ft

Blue Canyon (KBLU)

Elevation: 5284 ft   Length: 3300 ft

Carson (KCXP)

Elevation: 4705 ft   Length: 6100 ft

Dayton Valley (A34)

Elevation: 4414 ft   Length: 5300 ft

Dead Cow - Home of the High Sierra Fly-In

Elevation: 4845 ft   Length: 3000 ft

Derby (KLOL)

Elevation: 3908 ft   Length: 5500 ft

Empire (18NV)

Elevation: 3990 ft  Length: 3800 ft

Fallon (KFLX)

Elevation: 3966 ft   Length: 5700 ft

Gansner (2O1)

Elevation: 3419 ft   Length: 4100 ft

Georgetown (E36)

Elevation: 2625 ft   Length: 3000 ft

Herlong (H37)

Elevation: 4062 ft   Length: 3200 ft

Lake Tahoe (KTVL)

Elevation: 6268 ft   Length: 8500 ft

Minden-Tahoe (KMEV)

Elevation: 4724 ft   Length: 7400 ft

Nervino (O02)

Elevation: 4900 ft   Length: 4600 ft

Nevada County (KGOO)

Elevation: 3158 ft   Length: 4600 ft

Placerville (KPVF)

Elevation: 2585 ft   Length: 3900 ft

Reno-Stead (KRTS) - Our Nevada Base

Elevation: 5050 ft   Length: 9000 ft

Reno-Tahoe International (KRNO)

Elevation: 4415 ft   Length: 11000 ft

Rogers (O05)

Elevation: 4534 ft   Length: 5000 ft

Sierraville (O79)

Elevation: 4984 ft   Length: 3200 ft

Silver Springs (KSPZ)

Elevation: 4265 ft   Length: 6000

Spanish Springs (N86)

Elevation: 4620 ft   Length: 3400 ft

Spaulding (1Q2)

Elevation: 5616 ft   Length: 4600 ft

Susanville (KSVE)

Elevation: 4149 ft   Length: 4000 ft

Tiger (N58)

Elevation: 4346   Length: 4000

Truckee-Tahoe (KTRK)

Elevation: 5901 ft   Length: 7000 ft

Yerington (O43)

Elevation: 4382 ft   Length: 5800 ft