Legendary Airstrips are Just Minutes Away.

2017 Eclipse at Deadwood Dam
2017 Eclipse at Deadwood Dam

Our Cascade, Idaho (U70) operation allows us to provide Backcountry comprehensive backcountry training and discovery flights at significant cost savings to you.  We are fortunate to be based at the edge of Central Idaho’s enormous backcountry. Wilderness is just minutes from take off and the scenery is spectacular before we even leave the runway!

The Cascade/McCall area of Idaho is a fantastic place to vacation and enjoy the outdoors. Clients from around the world plan extra days to raft, fish and hike. Check our our Resources page for more information.

Our Idaho Backcountry Map allows you to explore the target-rich opportunity at our doorstep - we’ve included more than 70 airstrips!

NOTE - This website and map are not intended to replace official sources, navigational information or charts required for safe and legal flight.
Lower Loon Airstrip
Lower Loon Airstrip
INTERACTIVE MAP: Use the map to pan routes then click the Satellite button and zoom-in to get a close aerial view. Computer browsers can go Full Screen by clicking the icon in the top right corner. Search or jump to airstrips using the list below. Clicking any map icon brings up more information.

Allison Ranch (Private) Elevation: 2680 ft  Length: 1200 ft
Estimates only
Atlanta (55H) Elevation: 5500 ft   Length: 2460 ft
B Bar C Ranch (Private) Elevation: 5430 ft Length: 1400 ft
Estimates only
Badley Ranch (Private) Elevation: 2460 ft  Length: 1100 ft
Estimates only
Bernard USFS (U54) Elevation: 3626 ft   Length: 1900 ft
Big Bar Elevation: 1308 ft   Length: 1100 ft
Big Creek (U60) Elevation: 5743 ft   Length: 3550 ft
Webcams: North | SE | SW
Boise (KBOI) Elevation: 2871 ft   Length: 10000 ft
Bruce Meadows (U63) Elevation: 6370 ft   Length: 5000 ft
Cabin Creek USFS (I08) Elevation: 4289 ft   Length: 1750 ft
Cache Creek (Private) Elevation: 960 ft Length: 1100 ft
Estimates only
Caldwell (KEUL) Elevation: 2432 ft   Length: 5500 ft
Campbells Ferry (Private) Elevation: 2600 ft  Length: 700 ft
Estimates only
Cascade (U70) - Our Idaho Base Elevation: 4742 ft   Length: 4300 ft
Challis (KLLJ) Elevation: 5072 ft   Length: 4600 ft
Chamberlain USFS (U79) Elevation: 5765 ft   Length: 4100 ft
Cold Meadows USFS (U81) Elevation: 7030 ft   Length: 4550 ft
Copenhaver (Private) Elevation: 2195 ft  Length: 1200 ft
Estimates only
Cougar Ranch (D47)

Elevation: 4277 ft   Length: 1400 ft

Deadwood Dam (ID86) Elevation: 5489 ft   Length: 1800 ft
Dewey Moore Elevation: 4494 ft   Length: 700 ft
Dixie Town Elevation: 5618 ft   Length: 3000 ft
Dixie USFS (A05) Elevation: 5148 ft   Length: 4500 ft
Donnelly (U84) Elevation: 4860 ft   Length: 2500 ft
Dovel (Private) Elevation: 5295 ft Length: 1300 ft
Estimates only
Dug Bar (OR8) Elevation: 1022 ft Length: 1600 ft
East Cascade (Private) Elevation: 4839 ft Length: 2000 ft
Estimates only
Elk City (S90) Elevation: 4097 ft   Length: 2600 ft
Falconberry (Closed)
Fish Lake USFS (S92) Elevation: 5646 ft   Length: 2650 ft
Flying B (12ID) Elevation: 3647 ft   Length: 2000 ft
Webcams: East | North | South
Garden Valley (U88) Elevation: 3147 ft   Length: 3850 ft
Webcams: East | West
Graham USFS (U45) Elevation: 5726 ft   Length: 2900 ft
Grangeville (KGIC) Elevation: 3313 ft   Length: 5100 ft
Greenleaf Air Ranch Elevation: 2352 ft   Length: 2500 ft
Hailey (KSUN) Elevation: 5319 ft   Length: 7550 ft
Hamilton (6S5) Elevation: 3644 ft   Length: 4200 ft
High Valley Swanson (ID35) Elevation: 4883 ft   Length: 2300 ft
Homedale (S66) Elevation: 2200 ft   Length: 2900 ft
Hoodoo Meadows (Closed)
Idaho City USFS (U98) Elevation: 3920 ft   Length: 3400 ft
Indian Creek USFS (S81) Elevation: 4718 ft   Length: 4650 ft
Webcams: North | South
James Ranch (Private) Elevation: 2140 ft Length: 500 ft
Estimates only
Johnson Creek (3U2) Elevation: 4960 ft   Length: 3400 ft
Webcams: North | South
Kamiah (S73) Elevation: 1206 ft   Length: 3000 ft
Kooskia (S82) Elevation: 1263 ft   Length: 1900 ft
Krassel USFS (24k) Elevation: 3982 ft   Length: 1500 ft
Landmark USFS (0U0) Elevation: 6662 ft   Length: 4000 ft
Lord Flat (OR9) Elevation: 5594 ft Length: 1700 ft
Lower Castle Creek (Private) Elevation: 5860 ft Length: 1500 ft
Estimates only
Lower Loon Creek (C53) Elevation: 4200 ft   Length: 1200 ft
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Mackay Bar (ID28) Elevation: 2172 ft   Length: 1900 ft
Mahoney USFS (0U3) Elevation: 4618 ft   Length: 2150 ft
Marble Creek (ID8)

Elevation: 4685 ft   Length: 1100 ft

McCall (KMYL) Elevation: 5024 ft   Length: 6108 ft
McClain Ranch (Private) Elevation: 3130 ft Length: 1100 ft
Estimates only
Memaloose (25U) Elevation: 6708 ft   Length: 3300 ft
Mile High

Elevation: 5831 ft   Length: 560 ft

Minam Lodge (7OR0) Elevation: 3589 ft   Length: 2000 ft
Moose Creek USFS (1U1) Elevation: 2454 ft   Length: 4100 ft
New Meadows (1U4) Elevation: 3908 ft   Length: 2400 ft
North Star Ranch (Private) Elevation: 2842 ft Length: 1100 ft
Estimates only
Orogrande (75C) Elevation: 4419 ft   Length: 2800 ft
Pine (1U9) Elevation: 4232 ft   Length: 2300 ft
Pittsburg (Private) Elevation: 1190 ft Length: 800
Estimates only
Ramshorn Ranch (Private) Elevation: 5750 ft Length: 1300 ft
Estimates only
Reed Ranch (I92) Elevation: 4157 ft   Length: 2175 ft
Rogersburg (D69) Elevation: 869 ft Length: 1500
Root Ranch Elevation: 5600 ft   Length: 2100 ft
Webcams: North | South
Running Creek Ranch (Private) Elevation: 2892 ft Length: 1600 ft Estimates only
Salmon (KSMN) Elevation: 4044 ft   Length: 5500 ft
Salmon Bar (Closed) Elevation: 947 ft Length: 700 ft
Estimates only
Selway Lodge (Private) Elevation: 2541 ft Length: 1200 ft
Estimates only
Shearer USFS (2U5) Elevation: 2634 ft   Length: 2000 ft
Shepp Ranch (Private) Elevation: 2140 ft Length: 1500 ft
Estimates only
Simonds Elevation: 5243 ft   Length: 900 ft
Slate Creek (1S7) Elevation: 1660 ft Length: 2600 ft
Sluice Creek (Closed) Elevation: 1350 ft Length: 900 ft
Estimates only
Smiley Creek (U87) Elevation: 7206 ft   Length: 4900 ft
Webcams: NE | NW
Smith Prairie (2U0) Elevation: 4958 ft   Length: 5400 ft
Soldier Bar USFS (85U) Elevation: 4190 ft   Length: 1650 ft
South Fork Ranch (Private) Elevation: 2920 ft  Length: 800 ft
Estimates only
Stanley (2U7) Elevation: 6403 ft   Length: 4300 ft
Stonebraker Ranch (Closed)
Sulphur Creek (ID74) Elevation: 5835 ft   Length: 3300 ft
Webcams: East | South
Taylor Ranch (Private)

Elevation: 3835 ft   Length: 2300 ft

Temperance Creek (Private) Elevation: 1320 ft Length: 2300 ft
Estimates only
Thomas Creek (2U8) Elevation: 4415 ft   Length: 2100 ft
Triple Creek (Private) Elevation: 5550 ft  Length: 1600 ft
Estimates only
Upper Castle Creek (Private) Elevation: 6200 ft Length: 1400 ft
Estimates only
Upper Loon Creek USFS (U72) Elevation: 5500 ft   Length: 2500 ft
Vines Elevation: 4110 ft   Length: 1100 ft
Wapshilla Elevation: 1375 ft Length: 1000 ft
Estimates only
Warm Springs (0U1) Elevation: 4831 ft   Length: 2850 ft
Warren USFS (3U1) Elevation: 5902 ft   Length: 2765 ft
Weatherby USFS (52U) Elevation: 4503 ft   Length: 2200 ft
West Fork Lodge (4U7) Elevation: 4249 ft   Length: 2600 ft
West Mountain (Private) Elevation: 4835 ft  Length: 2400 ft
Estimates Only
Whitewater Ranch (Private) Elevation: 2650 ft   Length: 1000 ft
Willey Ranch (Private) Elevation: 3850 ft Length: 500 ft
Estimates only
Wilson Bar USFS (C48) Elevation: 2275 ft   Length: 1500 ft
Yellow Jacket (Private) Elevation: 4140 ft  Length: 800 ft
Estimates only
Yellow Pine Bar (Private) Elevation: 2505 ft Length: 1400 ft
Estimates only