We'll Get You Started on the Right Foot.

Our mission is to take you far beyond the minimum test standards and have you learn to "fly right." Learning in a responsive, tailwheel airplane is the best way to set a solid foundation for those who aspire to a future of aviation adventures. Stick and rudder skills develop more quickly, and to a higher level. It takes a bit more commitment, yet our methods have helped clients achieve their tailwheel endorsed pilot certificates in as little as 30 days!

Operating from the Reno-Stead Airport (KRTS), October thru May, and from the Cascade, Idaho Airport (U70), May thru October

Two Pilot Certificate Options Available:

Sport Pilot Certificate

A Sport Pilot Certificate allows you to bring along a passenger and fly Light Sport Aircraft during daytime hours. An FAA medical examination is not required and for many, a Sport Pilot Certificate covers all of the flying they'll ever do. In fact, most of the flying you see pictured on this website and more can be enjoyed as a Sport Pilot.

Private Pilot Certificate

A Private Pilot Certificate provides additional privileges. It allows you to fly at night, carry more passengers, and do so in heavier, more complex aircraft. An initial medical exam from an FAA designated doctor is required followed by subsequent exams every two to four years.

The first 20 hours or so of flight training is the same regardless of which certificate is being pursued. Soon after solo, a Student Pilot can choose to continue and finish as a Sport Pilot, or include the additional areas required to finish their training as a Private Pilot. This approach leaves both options open and adds no additional expense. A final approach is to simply become a Sport Pilot first, enjoy your new wings sooner, and then decide later if a Private Certificate is for you.

Click here to view our Complete Private Pilot (Tailwheel) Syllabus

Start with an Introductory Flight Lesson

For as little as $350, you'll get to know us, our training philosophy and the quality of our aircraft. You'll take the controls and experience the exhilaration of flying it yourself! Afterwards we'll sit down, get your questions answered and have an understanding of you, your budget and goals. Simply click the Contact Us Today button to schedule your introduction to one of life's greatest adventures.

"Fred is awesome! He listened, asked questions, and came up with great plan for the one day of flying I had with him. My first time in a tail dragger and I came out feeling much better about my flying capabilities with exercises to practice when I get home. Thank you Fred!”  ~ Shelley from Missouri